Danube Delta in 2010

Danube Delta in 2010
Danube Delta in 2010
Wildlife research, Ecoturism, Kayaking, Birdwaching and trekking in the best Reserve of the Biosphere from Europe; all about nature, all about our land, everything you have to know about Danube Delta!

Trekking in the Danube Delta, Ökotourismus in der besten Biosphärenreservat Donaudelta

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marți, 16 iulie 2013

NETWORK 2013, July 17th-21st


Summer Survey of Jackals’ Habitat in Ramsar Units, SE Romania

Time: 17th to 21st of July 2013
Location: Danube Delta BR *18-21* and Comana Natural Park Reserve, South Romania *17*
Called by: Ovidiu Banea, Ecology Department of Crispus NGO Sibiu Romania

I. Agenda Topics

1. To break (disclose) SKUANature objectives and schedule broader activities if available in Periprava area, Danube Delta. Share tourism destinations and build future eco-trekking programs.
2. To analyze common objectives with Comana Natural Park Reserve Administration for a future broader project regarding golden jackal species in relation with biological diversity and human activities.
3. Observations to jackal habitat in control area of Dobrogea.
4. Eco-trekking Periprava – Leteaskogen, Sfistofca and Letea villages.
5. Planning the 2nd International Colloquium “European Concerns of Golden Jackal Populations’ Ecology” on September, 13-15th, 2013

II. Goals
·        Meeting with representatives of RNP Romsilva, Comana Natural Park Reserve Administration, Bucharest 17th 13,30H (Ovidiu Banea, Petre Gargarea, Valentin Grigore, Eros Dan Nicolau)
·        Baltenii de Sus, Tulcea County, daytime fieldwork 18th
·        Letea Forest, system analysis (wildlife sent-track survey) and Caraorman daytime fieldwork (visit to jackal dens area) 19th
·        ENA in jackal specific ecological systems17th -20th : Ilya Acosta Pankov (NGO Yoluka Europe) & Ovidiu C Banea (NGO Crispus Sibiu Romania)

IV. Next Meeting MINOR 2013 Autumn SURVEY in NE TURKEY



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