Danube Delta in 2010

Danube Delta in 2010
Danube Delta in 2010
Wildlife research, Ecoturism, Kayaking, Birdwaching and trekking in the best Reserve of the Biosphere from Europe; all about nature, all about our land, everything you have to know about Danube Delta!

Trekking in the Danube Delta, Ökotourismus in der besten Biosphärenreservat Donaudelta

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marți, 22 aprilie 2014

Meeting point, Baia Mare, April 2014

WWF organizeaza la Baia Mare conferinta "Securing the ecological connectivity for large carnivores in the Carpathians". ONG Crispus Sibiu participa cu o comunicare orala. (Click here for powerpoint presentation and for PDF click on image below)

Genetic studies in Romania by Cotovelea et al 2013 here

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